President’s Message

President David Freeman with our youngest presenter Matt Rice at the 2016 Annual Meeting

September/October President’s Message 

The NWA Foundation: A Major Step Forward
Dave Freeman, 2016 NWA President

This is a message I have been waiting eagerly to write for a number of months—about a game-changing development in the NWA that will benefit students and teachers for generations to come! At the Annual Meeting in Norfolk, we proudly announced the formation of the National Weather Association Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission of supporting college and university students in meteorology and related fields; assisting K-12 educators in developing and offering weather-related educational programs; and supporting other organizations engaged in offering education on weather related topics.

The NWA, of course, has a long history of providing scholarships and grants to deserving students and teachers. But efforts to raise funds have been held back by the fact that contributions to the NWA are not tax-deductible. So last year, at the 2015 mid-year meeting, the Council decided to investigate what would be required to form a separate tax exempt organization that would be in a better position to perform this vital service.

After a great deal of research and with the advice of legal counsel, the Council was ready to move forward. At this year’s mid-year meeting, formal actions were taken to call into being a separate organization that would take over these functions.

The Council invited a sterling group of individuals to serve as charter members of the Board of Directors of the National Weather Association Foundation. In addition, the by-laws adopted by the NWA Foundation Board of Directors mandate that the Immediate Past-President of the NWA serves on the Board, which is Dr. Elizabeth Page this year. The Board members are

Jill Hasling, President
Betsy Kling, Vice President
Elizabeth Page, Secretary
Jeff Craven, Treasurer
Pat Market, Board Member

The new Board of Directors convened in Norfolk at the Annual Meeting to constitute the Foundation, and the grand announcement was made at the Annual Awards Banquet.

The NWA Council voted to support the Foundation by transferring, over time and in coordination with donors, all scholarship and grant monies now held. The Council also voted to donate staff time to the Foundation to provide logistical support.

It is hoped that the two organizations will always work closely together to support deserving students and teachers in our field.

Stay tuned for your opportunity to make a tax-deductible contribution to the NWA Foundation. When everything is in place, we’ll let you know so that you can do your part in writing this new and exciting chapter in NWA history!

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