Monthly Archives: November 2019

2020 Election Results

Thank you to all candidates who ran for seats on the NWA Board of Directors, and all members who voted in the election. Congratulations to the following individuals who will begin their terms on January 1, 2020. Nate Johnson is the 2020 President-Elect. He will serve as president in 2021. Christina Crowe, Bryan Wood, Hannah…
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JOM: Megafires on the Southern Great Plains

A global increase in megafires has occurred since the mid-1990s. Defined as wildfires that burn more than 405 km2 (100 000 ac), megafires are complex phenomena with wide ranging societal impacts. In the United States, scientific literature and wildland fire policy has traditionally focused upon megafires in forests of the American West. However, megafires also…
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NWA 365 App is Now Live

The NWA all-year mobile app, titled "National Weather Association" in the Android and iPhone app stores, is now live! The app we use for our Annual Meeting is now extended to keep our members connected with NWA news year-round. Here's a list of features the app will include: One-time sign-in for members Sign in once…
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