Monthly Archives: May 2020

JOM: How Likely is That Chance of Thunderstorms? A Study of How National Weather Service Forecast Offices Use Words of Estimative Probability and What They Mean to the Public

One of the challenges when communicating forecast information to the public is properly contextualizing uncertainty. No forecast is ever certain, as no meteorological phenomenon is guaranteed to occur. As such, the uncertainty in forecast information should be communicated in a way that makes sense to end users. Previous studies of the communication of probabilistic information…
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NWA Headquarters Update: 5/15/20

Transcript: Janice Bunting: Hi everyone. The day that we are recording this is May 15th and the NWA staff and I wanted to give you an update of what we are doing, not in the office, but working remotely. I'm sure a lot of you have questions about various things. And so we're going to…
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Awards Nominations Deadline: May 14

The Awards Nominations deadline is May 14: Submit here. It's that time of the year again for NWA 2020 Awards Nominations. Hindsight is "2020" and, looking back, do you want to reward someone you know for a job well done? The NWA is responsible for selecting various awards that highlight the amazing contributions made within…
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