Monthly Archives: May 2020

In Memoriam: 2001 NWA President Les Lemon

Inspired as a child by a tornado event, Les went on to graduate from the University of Oklahoma in 1970. He then went on to work for the NOAA Commissioned Corp and National Severe Storms Laboratory. Les also worked extensively in the private sector and as consultant among a host of other positions throughout his…
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JOM: How Likely is That Chance of Thunderstorms? A Study of How National Weather Service Forecast Offices Use Words of Estimative Probability and What They Mean to the Public

One of the challenges when communicating forecast information to the public is properly contextualizing uncertainty. No forecast is ever certain, as no meteorological phenomenon is guaranteed to occur. As such, the uncertainty in forecast information should be communicated in a way that makes sense to end users. Previous studies of the communication of probabilistic information…
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