A message from our President:

Pay it Forward with an NWA Award Nomination

Paul Schlatter, 2019 NWA President

Happy Spring! With the arrival of spring (my favorite time of the year) comes another important aspect of this year’s theme, “Pay It Forward.” While the Oscars and Golden Globes have recently been handed out, did you know that it's almost time to submit nominations for the National Weather Association awards we hand out every year? The nomination process is quite simple, and award winners are announced during the lunch banquet on Wednesday during the Annual Meeting. There are few better ways to pay it forward than to nominate someone or a group deserving of one of NWA’s prestigious awards. “But Paul,” you may ask, “what’s the big deal about awards?” I have some strong feelings about awards, and let me expand on that next to inspire you to submit a nomination for someone deserving of an award.

My thoughts on awards are partially shaped from being a parent. I have two kids, ages 10 and 12. Throughout the past few years I have coached or helped coach their various sports teams including baseball, basketball, soccer, and flag football. At the end of the season, regardless of whether my kids’ teams won two or three games or went undefeated, everyone in the league received a participation medal. I know the trend of giving out participation medals began with the generation that followed mine (I am a Gen Xer): the Millennials. Back in the 1980s no medals were given out unless you won the championship. Don’t get me wrong, as with participation medals, there are a litany of complex issues surrounding the practice of giving awards only to the winners, including putting too much emphasis on winning. This is certainly not a rant against Millennials because they are our future and, in my opinion, they sometimes get a bad rap. Plus, it wasn’t like they asked to receive participation medals, they were kids at the time and fortuitously became the first generation to start getting them.


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"Pay it Forward"


September 7-12, 2019

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