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Published by the National Weather Association, the Journal of Operational Meteorology (JOM) covers topics relevant to all aspects of operational meteorology on a range of time and space scales. Suitable topics include new or improved forecasting and warning techniques, verification studies, applications of observations and models to improve forecasts and warnings, and case studies of major weather events. Climatological studies, interdisciplinary studies, and studies documenting education and training practices also will be considered if relevant to operational meteorology. In addition, the Editors welcome submissions that present strategies for the creation and dissemination of forecasts and warnings that maximize the protection of life and property. JOM is a peer-reviewed, all-electronic journal with an international scope, providing authors with the benefits of economical publication costs and rapid publication following acceptance.

Note: effective 1/1/2016, the JOM has transitioned to an open access journal. As such, all articles, past and present, are now available to all free of charge.

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 Latest Articles


Case, J. L., L. T. Wood, J. L. Blaes, K. D. White, C. R. Hain, and C. J. Schultz, 2021: Soil moisture responses associated with significant tropical cyclone flooding events. J. Operational Meteor., 9 (1), 1-17,

Stackhouse, M. M., J. D. Colton, D. D. Phillips, K. J. Sanders, M. A. Charnick, and M. P. Meyers, 2020: A rare ice storm in the Colorado Rockies. J. Operational Meteor., 8 (11), 133-145,
DOI: 12/28/20

Gerth J. J., R. K. Garcia, D. J. Hoese, S. S. Lindstrom, and T. J. Schmit, 2020: SIFTing through satellite imagery with the Satellite Information Familiarization Tool. J. Operational Meteor., 8 (10), 121-132,
DOI: 12/17/20

Houston, A.L, J.C. Walther, L.M. Pytlikzillig, J. Kawamoto, 2020: Initial assessment of unmanned aircraft system characteristics required to fill data gaps for short-term forecasts: results from focus groups and interviews.
J. Operational Meteor., 8 (9), 111-120,
DOI: 10/28/20

Lindley, T. T., A. B. Zwink, C. M. Gravelle, C. C. Schmidt, C. K. Palmer, S. T. Rowe, R. Heffernan, N. Driscoll, and G. M. Kent, 2020: Ground-based corroboration of GOES-17 fire detection capabilities during ignition of the Kincade Fire.
J. Operational Meteor., 8 (8), 105-110,
DOI: 10/14/20

Stovern, D. R., J. A. Nelson, S. Czyzyk. M. Klein, K. Landry-Guyton, K. Mattarochia, E. Nipper, and J. W. Zeitler, 2020: The Extreme Precipitation Forecast Table: improving situational awareness when heavy rain is a threat. J. Operational Meteor., 8 (7), 93-104,
DOI: 9/1/20

Wunsch, M. S. and M. M. French, 2020: Delayed tornadogenesis within New York State severe storms. J. Operational Meteor., 8 (6), 79-92,
DOI: 7/9/20

Lenhardt, E. D., R. N. Cross, M. J. Krocak, J. T. Ripberger, S. R. Ernst, C. L. Silva, and H. C. Jenkins-Smith, 2020: How likely is that chance of thunderstorms? A study of how National Weather Service forecast offices use words of estimative probability and what they mean to the public. J. Operational Meteor., 8 (5), 64-78, DOI: 5/26/20

Bolton, M.J., H. M. Mogil, and L. K. Ault, 2020: An exploratory, preliminary report on United States weather education trends
and general population links between weather salience and systemizing. J. Operational Meteor., 8 (4), 54-63,
DOI: 3/18/20

Turner, D.D., and coauthors, 2020: A verification approach used in developing the Rapid Refresh and other numerical weather prediction models. J. Operational Meteor., 8 (3), 39-53,
DOI: 2/20/20

Magee, K. M., and C. E. Davenport, 2020: An observational analysis quantifying the distance of supercell-boundary interactions
in the Great Plains. J. Operational Meteor., 8 (2), 15-38,
DOI: 2/11/20

Craven, J.P., D.E. Rudack, and P.E. Shafer, 2020: National Blend of Models: A statistically post-processed multi-model ensemble. J. Operational Meteor., 8 (1), 1-14,
DOI: 1/21/20

Gitro, C. M., D. Bikos, E. J. Szoke, M. L. Jurewicz Sr., A. E. Cohen, and M. W. Foster, 2019: A Demonstration of Modern Geostationary and Polar-Orbiting Satellite Products for the Identification and Tracking of Elevated Mixed Layers. J. Operational Meteor., 7 (13), 180-192,
DOI: 12/10/19

Lindley, T. T., D. A. Speheger, M. A. Day, G. P. Murdoch, B. R. Smith, N. J. Nauslar, D. C. Daily, 2019: Megafires on the Southern Great Plains. J. Operational Meteor., 7 (12), 164-179,
DOI: 11/5/19

Murdoch, G.P., C. M. Gitro, T. T. Lindley, and V. N. Mahale, 2019: Identifying Plume Mode via WSR-88D Observations of  Wildland Fire Convective Plumes and Proposed Tactical Decision Support Applications.
J. Operational Meteor., 7 (11), 153-163,
DOI: 10/8/19

Weaver, G. M., N. Smith, E. B. Berndt, K. D. White, J. F. Dostalek, and B. T. Zadovsky, 2019: Addressing the Cold Air Aloft Aviation Challenge with Satellite Sounding Observations. J. Operational Meteor., 7 (10), 138-152,
DOI: 8/6/19

Gibbs, J. G., and B. R. Bowers, 2019: Techniques and Thresholds of Significance for using WSR-88D Velocity Data to Anticipate
Significant Tornadoes. J. Operational Meteor., 7 (9), 117-137,
DOI: 7/10/19

Murphy, T. A., C. Palmer, C. Entremont, and J. D. Lamb, 2019: Early Operational Successes of the University of Louisiana
Monroe’s Polarimetric S-band Doppler Radar.
J. Operational Meteor., 7 (8), 105-116,
DOI: 7/9/19

Stano, G. T., M. R. Smith, and C. J. Schultz, 2019: Development and Evaluation of the GLM Stoplight Product for Lightning Safety.
J. Operational Meteor., 7 (7), 92-104,
DOI: 7/3/19

Garner, J., W. Iwasko, M. Kidwell, K. Rogacheski, R. Aylward, and J. Anderson, 2019: Cool Season Small Hail Over the West Coast of the United States: Environments, Hazards, and Decision Support.
J. Operational Meteor., 7 (6), 78-91,
DOI: 6/19/19

Raghavendra, A., and S. M. Milrad, 2019: A New Metric to Diagnose Precipitation Distribution in Transitioning Tropical Cyclones.
J. Operational Meteor., 7 (5), 61-77,
DOI: 6/18/19

Hodanish, S. J., B. J. Vogt, and P. Wolyn, 2019: Colorado Lightning Climatology. J. Operational Meteor., 7 (4), 45-60,
DOI: 6/12/19

Lawson, M. T., K. K. Fuell, 2019: Gulf of Alaska cyclone in daytime microphysics RGB imagery. J. Operational Meteor., 7 (3), 40-45,
DOI: 5/15/19

Megnia, R. W., T. W. Humphrey, and J. A. Rackley, 2019: The Historic 2 April 2017 Louisiana Tornado Outbreak. J. Operational Meteor., 7 (2), 27-39
DOI: 4/16/19

McNeal, P. M., H. L. Petcovic, N. D. LaDue, and T. D. Ellis, 2019: Identifying Significant Cognitive Factors for Practicing and Learning Meteorology. J. Operational Meteor., 7 (1), 1-26
DOI: 3/21/19

Ernst, S., D. LaDue, and A. Gerard, 2018: Understanding Emergency Manager Forecast Use in Severe Weather Events. J. Operational Meteor., 6 (9), 95-105
DOI:  12/20/2018

Cordeira J. M., M. M. Neureuter, and L. D. Kelleher, 2018: Atmospheric Rivers and National Weather Service Watches, Warnings, and Advisories Issued Over California 2007-2016. J. Operational Meteor., 6 (8), 87-94
DOI:  12/14/2018

Benoit, M. D., C. J. Nowotarski, D. T. Conlee, and L. Wood, 2018: Impacts of a University-led, On-demand Sounding Program on Human and Numerical Weather Prediction Model Forecasts in an Upper-air Observation Hole. J. Operational Meteor., 6 (7), 74-86
DOI: 9/19/2018

Gitro, C. M. and Coauthors, 2017: Using the Multisensor Advected Layered Precipitable Water Product in the Operational Forecast Environment. J. Operational Meteor., 6 (6), 59-73
DOI: 6/15/2018

Lindner, B. L., P. J. Mohlin, A. C. Caulder, and A. Neuhauser, 2017: Development and Testing of a Decision Tree for the Forecasting of Sea Fog Along the Georgia and South Carolina Coast. J. Operational Meteor., 6 (5), 47-58
DOI: 6/12/2018

Schmit, T. J., S. S. Lindstrom, J. J. Gerth, and M. M. Gunshor, 2017: Applications of the 16 Spectral Bands on the Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI). J. Operational Meteor., 6 (4), 33-46
DOI: 6/8/2018

Bolton, M. J., L. K. Ault, D. M. Greenberg, and S. Baron-Cohen, 2017: Exploring the Human Side of Meteorology: a Brief Report on the Psychology of Meteorologists. J. Operational Meteor., 6 (3), 23-32
DOI: 5/15/2018

Lincoln, W. S., R. F. L. Thomason, 2017: A Preliminary Look at Using Rainfall Average Recurrence Interval to Characterize Flash Flood Events for Realtime Warning Forecasting. J. Operational Meteor., 6 (2), 13-22
DOI: 5/10/2018

Hampshire, N. L., R. M. Mosier, T.M. Ryan, and D.E. Cavanaugh, 2017: Relationship of Low-Level Instability and Tornado Damage Rating Based on Observed Soundings. J. Operational Meteor., 6 (1), 1-12
DOI: 2/7/2018

Vagasky, C., 2017: Enveloped Eyewall Lightning: The EEL Signature in Tropical Cyclones. J. Operational Meteor., 5 (14), 171-179
DOI: 11/22/2017

Jones, T. A., and C. Nixon, 2017: Short-term forecasts of left-moving supercells from an experimental Warn-on-Forecast system.  J. Operational Meteor., 5 (13), 161-170
DOI: 9/5/2017

Lindley, T. T., B. R. Bowers, G. P. Murdoch, B. R. Smith, and C. M. Gitro, 2017: Analyses of Fire-effective Low-level Thermal Ridges on the Southern Great Plains. J. Operational Meteor., 5 (12), 146-160
DOI: 8/31/2017

Schultz, C. J., G. T. Stano, P. J. Meyer, B. C. Carcione, T. Barron, 2017: Lightning decision support using VHF total lightning mapping and NLDN cloud-to-ground data in North Alabama. J. Operational Meteor., 5 (11), 134-145
DOI: 8/24/2017

M. S. Van Den Broeke, 2017: Potential tornado warning improvement resulting from utilization of the TDS in the warning decision process. J. Operational Meteor., 5 (10), 121-133
DOI: 8/23/2017

Williams, C. A., P. W. Miller, A. W. Black, and J. A. Knox, 2017: Throwing caution to the wind: National Weather Service wind products as perceived by a weather-salient sample. J. Operational Meteor., 5 (9), 103-120
DOI: 8/10/2017

Evans, M., M. Jurewicz, and R. Kline, 2017: The elevation-dependence of snowfall in the Appalachian Ridge and Valley Region of northeastern Pennsylvania. J. Operational Meteor., 5 (8) 87-102
DOI: 6/27/17

Curtis, M. B., 2017: A synoptic and mesoscale analysis of heavy rainfall at Portland, ME 13-14 August 2014. J. Operational Meteor., 5 (7), 78-86
DOI: 6/15/2017

Garner, J. M. 2017: Thunderstorm environments over the Northeastern Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Alaska. J. Operational Meteor., 5(6), 71-77,
DOI: 6/15/2017

Villani, J. P., M. L. Jurewicz Sr., and K. Reinhold 2017: Forecasting the inland extent of lake effect snow bands downwind of Lake Ontario. J. Operational Meteor., 5(5), 53-70,
DOI: 5/31/2017

Rogers, J. W., B. A. Hagenhoff, A. E. Cohen, R. L. Thompson, B. T. Smith, and E. E. Carpenter, 2016: Lower Mississippi River Valley quasi-linear convective system tornado environments and radar signatures. J. Operational Meteor., 5(4), 42-52,
DOI: 5/24/2017

Lincoln, W. S., R. F. L. Thomason, M. Stackhouse, and D. S. Schlotzhauer, 2017: Utilizing crowd-sourced rainfall and flood impact information to improve the analysis of the North Central Gulf Coast Flood Event of April 2014. J. Operational Meteor., 5 (3), 26-41
DOI: 4/19/2017

Bruick, Z. S., and C. D. Karstens, 2017: An Investigation of Local and National NWS Warning Outbreaks for Severe Convective Events. J. Operational Meteor., 5 (2), 14-25
DOI: 4/11/2017

Terborg, A., and G. T. Stano, 2017: Impacts to Aviation Weather Center operations using total lightning observations from the Pseudo-GLM. J. Operational Meteor., 5 (1), 1-13.
DOI: 1/27/2017

Fearon, M. G., T. J. Brown, and G. M. Curcio, 2015: Establishing a national standard method for operational mixing height determination. J. Operational Meteor., 3 (15), 172–189.  
DOI:  11/3/2015

Smith, B. L., and J. L. Blaes, 2015: Examination of a winter storm using a micro rain radar and AMDAR aircraft soundings. J. Operational Meteor., 3 (14), 156–171.  
DOI:  10/22/2015

Gibbs, J. G., and D. A. Butts Jr., 2015: Warm-season thunderstorm development as a function of vertical distribution of relative humidity in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. J. Operational Meteor., 3 (13), 145–155.  
DOI:  10/13/2015

Moore, B. J., T. M. Hamill, E. M. Sukovich, T. Workoff, and F. E. Barthold, 2015: The utility of the NOAA reforecast dataset for quantitative precipitation forecasting over the coastal western United States. J. Operational Meteor., 3 (12), 133–144.  
DOI:  9/22/2015

Imhoff, K. A., and G. S. Young, 2015: ENSO influence on tropical cyclone regional landfall counts. J. Operational Meteor., 3 (11), 124–132.  
DOI:  9/1/2015

Ellis, R. T., J. Blaes, and L. Anderson, 2015: Orographically induced cirrus clouds in the lee of the southern Appalachian MountainsJ. Operational Meteor., 3 (10), 104–123.  
DOI:  8/20/2015

Muller, B. M., and C. G. Herbster, 2015: A swirl in the clouds near Santa Cruz Island. J. Operational Meteor., 3 (9), 99–103.  
DOI:  6/30/2015

Miller, P. W., A. W. Ellis, and S. J. Keighton, 2015: The utility of total lightning trends in diagnosing single-cell thunderstorm severity: Examples from the central Appalachians region. J. Operational Meteor., 3 (8), 82–98.  
DOI:   5/12/2015

Vitale, J. D., J. Lipe, and T. T. Lindley, 2015: Independence Day holiday weekend 2010 flood on the southern plains of West Texas. J. Operational Meteor., 3 (7), 70–81.  
DOI:   4/21/2015

Brotzge, J. A., and C. M. Luttrell, 2015: Genesis of the Chickasha, Oklahoma, tornado on 24 May 2011 as observed by CASA radar and Oklahoma Mesonet. J. Operational Meteor., 3 (6), 59–69.  
DOI:   4/14/2015

Forsythe, J. M., S. Q. Kidder, K. K. Fuell, A. LeRoy, G. J. Jedlovec, and A. S. Jones, 2015: A multisensor, blended, layered water vapor product for weather analysis and forecasting. J. Operational Meteor., 3 (5), 41–58.  
DOI:   3/24/2015

Young, G. S., S. D. Goldberger, J. Verlinde, and C. J. Hanlon, 2015: Forecasting regional chance of occurrence through aggregation of MOS PoPs. J. Operational Meteor., 3 (4), 30–40.  
DOI:   1/27/2015

Hall, B. L., and Coauthors, 2015: A community frost/freeze susceptibility operational guidance tool. J. Operational Meteor., 3 (3), 21–29.  
DOI:   1/20/2015

Rudlosky, S. D., 2015: Evaluating ENTLN performance relative to TRMM/LIS. J. Operational Meteor., 3 (2), 11–20.  
DOI:   1/13/2015

Call, D. A., K. E. Grove, and P. J. Kocin, 2015: A meteorological and social comparison of the New England blizzards of 1978 and 2013. J. Operational Meteor., 3 (1), 1–10.  
DOI:   1/6/2015

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DOI:   12/18/2014

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DOI:   10/9/2014

Lincoln, W. S., 2014: Analysis of the 15 June 2013 isolated extreme rainfall event in Springfield, Missouri. J. Operational Meteor., 2 (19), 233–245.  
DOI:   7/22/2014

Evans, M. S., and R. A. Murphy, 2014: A historical analog-based severe weather checklist for central New York and northeastern Pennsylvania. J. Operational Meteor., 2 (18), 214–232.  
DOI:   7/8/2014

Kumjian, M. R., and A. D. Schenkman, 2014: The curious case of ice pellets over middle Tennessee on 1 March 2014. J. Operational Meteor., 2 (17), 209–213.  
DOI:   7/1/2014

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DOI:   6/24/2014

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DOI:   6/17/2014

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DOI:   6/4/2014

Gitro, C. M., M. S. Evans, and R. H. Grumm, 2014: Two major heavy rain/flood events in the mid-Atlantic: June 2006 and September 2011. J. Operational Meteor., 2 (13), 152–168.  
DOI:   5/28/2014

Banacos, P. C., A. N. Loconto, and G. A. DeVoir, 2014: Snow squalls: Forecasting and hazard mitigation. J. Operational Meteor., 2 (12), 130–151.  
DOI:   5/21/2014

Bunkers, M. J., D. A. Barber, R. L. Thompson, R. Edwards, and J. Garner, 2014: Choosing a universal mean wind for supercell motion prediction. J. Operational Meteor., 2 (11), 115–129.  
DOI:   5/14/2014

Saari, M. D. W., R. M. Lawton, C. J. Schultz, and L. D. Carey, 2014: Early characteristics of the polarimetric tornadic debris signature associated with the 20 May 2013 Newcastle–Moore, Oklahoma, tornado. J. Operational Meteor., 2 (10), 110–114.  
DOI:   5/7/2014

Schultz, C. J., 2014: Reflectivity vortex hole in a tornadic supercell. J. Operational Meteor., 2 (9), 103–109.  
DOI:   4/23/2014

Bauman, W. H., III., and W. P. Roeder, 2014: A tool to predict the probability of summer severe weather in east-central Florida. J. Operational Meteor., 2 (8), 89–102.  
DOI:   4/17/2014

Stano, G. T., C. J. Schultz, L. D. Carey, D. R. MacGorman, and K. M. Calhoun, 2014: Total lightning observations and tools for the 20 May 2013 Moore, Oklahoma, tornadic supercell. J. Operational Meteor., 2 (7), 71–88.  
DOI:   3/27/2014

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DOI:   3/20/2014

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DOI:   3/13/2014

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DOI:   3/7/2014

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DOI:   2/18/2014

Cohen, A. E., M. L. VanDenHeuvel, G. W. Carbin, and D. Bernhardt, 2014: The 5 June 2012 central Montana tornado event. J. Operational Meteor., 2 (2), 13–26.  
DOI:   2/11/2014

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DOI:   1/22/2014

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DOI:   11/20/2013

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DOI:   11/20/2013

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DOI:   11/13/2013

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DOI:   11/6/2013

Stuart, N. A., R. H. Grumm, and M. J. Bodner, 2013: Analyzing predictability and communicating uncertainty: Lessons from the post-Groundhog Day 2009 storm and the March 2009 “megastorm.” J. Operational Meteor., 1 (16), 185–199.  
DOI:   10/31/2013

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DOI:   8/15/2013

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DOI:   7/17/2013

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DOI:   7/10/2013

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DOI:   7/2/2013

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DOI:   5/16/2013

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DOI:   5/7/2013

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DOI:   4/30/2013

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DOI:   3/18/2013

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DOI:   2/18/2013

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DOI:   1/1/2013