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Qualifications & Procedures

The Qualifications and Procedures document provides information on the purpose and composition of the NWA Broadcast Meteorology Committee. The application process to earn an NWA Television/Radio Seal of Approval or an NWA Digital Seal is detailed in the document. Additionally, recertification qualifications and display procedures for NWA Seals of Approval are provided. Note: Early Career 1-5 Members are also eligible to apply for the Seal. For more information, contact the NWA Office.

NWA Broadcast Meteorology Committee and Seal of Approval Qualifications and Procedures (dated 19 October 2014)

Study Portal

More than 300 MetEd modules produced by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) and presented in 7 categories for the Seal Exam.

NWA Seal Exam Study Portal

Additional resources can be found here: Haby's Hints.

Seal Recertification

Checklist that should be included with Recertification materials.

Sample letter from a National Weather Service Office to document training through the NWS Familiarization option.

NWA Seal holders, please mail all re-certification materials to:

National Weather Association
3100 Monitor Avenue, Suite 123

Norman, OK 73072

NWA Digital Seal Press Release

NWA Broadcast Committee contacts can be found here.

Seal Holders

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