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After the Eye of the Storm

After the Eye of the Storm  Alan Sealls, NWA President  Hurricane Michael was devastating and deadly—a storm that put operational meteorologists to the test not just in forecasting, but also in communicating threats. Thanks in part to spot-on landfall forecast position and timing from the National Hurricane Center and Hurricane Local Statements from NWS offices, I, as a broadcast meteorologist, was able to relay the most likely scenario to my viewers and social media followers. My broadcast area is centered on Mobile, Alabama, just west of Panama City, Florida, so we were spared.  The day…
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NWA November Webinar

The NWA November Webinar will be held Wednesday November 7 at 12:00 pm CST. It is titled 'Using the Multisensor Advected Layered Precipitable Water Product in the Operational Forecast Environment' and will be presented by Chris Gitro. To view the webinar, register for it here.
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The NWA October Webinar

Our October webinar will be conducted by the Local Chapters Committee and is entitled "How to Host a Local Conference". This webinar will be held Wednesday, October 3 at 10:00 am CDT and will be available to members only. Members can click here to register to watch the webinar. If you wish to join and become a…
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The Saint Louis Meeting was hot! 

The National Weather Association 43rd Annual Meeting was hot! Including a successful Saturday WeatherReady Fest, each of the first four days reached 95 degrees or above at STL! Days 5 and 6 were back into the 80s. With attendance of well over 550, I saw the NWA past, present and future. Here are just two photos that feature the fine bunch of…
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