Newest Seal Holder

Congratulations to Chris Bianchi on earning his TV Weathercaster Seal of Approval!

Chris Bianchi works on-air at WeatherNation in Denver and has been there since early 2014. As a native of southern Connecticut, childhood nor'easters and snow days piqued his interest in meteorology from a young age. Bianchi’s first language is Spanish (his parents are from Chile), so feel free to reach out in English or Espanol! 

“If I wasn't working in weather, I'd be doing what I did before weather: working in sports,” exclaims Bianchi. “I worked for four years as a sports radio producer/host before transitioning to weather three and a half years ago.” 

You can catch him playing pickup soccer once or twice a week around Colorado, and his favorite cloud type is mammatus. “It usually means a storm is nearby and that always makes me happy,” says Bianchi.

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