Newest Seal Holder

Congratulations to Bree Smith on earning her TV Weathercaster Seal of Approval!

Bree Smith from WTVF Nashville. She was born in Denver during a blizzard, so her father gave her the middle name “Sunshine” saying she was the sunshine of his life. 

“I was literally born for weather,” says Smith. She started her career in Baton Rouge and then worked in St. Louis for nearly five years. 

Smith says, “I have one ‘toddler tornado’ at home that I chase daily and another cooking in my tummy that looks to make his debut just in time for Spring of 2018!” 

Bree says she wanted to be president of the United States when she was growing up, but fell into weather instead. 

As for her favorite binge-watching guilty pleasure TV show, Smith says, “Game of Thrones (Mother of Dragons for the win!).” 

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