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Thunderstorm Environments over the Northeastern Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Alaska

Thunderstorm environments over the northeastern Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Alaska were analyzed from the summer of 2014 through the early spring of 2016. Thermodynamic parameters investigated in this study highlight processes supporting charge separation in the 0 to −20°C (32 to −4°F) layer (CRTZ; charge reversal temperature zone), similar to the study carried out…
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Meteorology’s Newest “Toy”: GOES-16!

Meteorology’s Newest “Toy”: GOES-16! by Gail Hartfield The launch of GOES-R, its establishment as GOES-16, and the subsequent release of the first images spurred a lot of excitement among those in the meteorological community—with good reason. In much the same way the move from the WSR-57/74 to the WSR-88D radars revolutionized the storm interrogation and…
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Forecasting the Inland Extent of Lake Effect Snow Bands Downwind of Lake Ontario

Determining the inland extent (IE) of lake effect snow (LES) is an ongoing operational forecasting challenge at the Albany and Binghamton National Weather Service (NWS) forecast offices, and several other NWS forecast offices in the Great Lakes region. Assuming favorable conditions for development of LES, determining how far inland snow bands will extend is critical…
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