What’s Up with the New Abstract Categories?

Some have asked if we are still accepting more traditional abstracts for the Annual Meeting such as case studies, research results, and development of forecast tools, etc. Others have noted that the typical categories such as severe weather, hydrology, aviation weather, and more aren’t listed this year. Comments from previous presenters indicated they had topics that didn’t quite match the traditional topics.

It is true that we are taking a different approach to abstract submissions. However, we want to be clear that that abstracts of all types and subjects will be considered for review. Our primary intention with a new approach is for authors to think more broadly about their work and its relationship to the theme.

The theme is “Forward Together: Meeting the challenges in operational meteorology in the age of artificial intelligence, analytics, and digital communications.”

The broader categories will give the committee chairs more flexibility in building a program that fits the theme and provides a diverse knowledge experience for all. This doesn’t mean that we won’t have presentations or sessions on traditional topics like severe weather or messaging.

When selecting a category, please consider:

  1. How the information fits into the theme and is relevant for the future.
  2. How this could be applied to the entire weather community?


  • If you are submitting a case study, consider selecting the Future of Forecasting Category and focus on the importance of the forecaster knowledge gained from highlighting this event.
  • An abstract explaining how you designed a new graphic or format based on feedback from the public and other sectors could be a perfect fit for the Wisdom of the Crowds Category.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Annual Meeting Program Co-Chairs at annualmeeting@nwas.org. Others likely have them too, and we will share answers through the NWA website and Twitter account.

For more information, visit our Call for Abstracts page.

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