President’s Message

President’s Message
Alan Sealls 

Thank you for entrusting me with the office of NWA President. Thank you for supporting me over the decades as an NWA member. Now, let’s get to work. 

We NWA members are inquisitive, intelligent, and good-looking, right? We love to learn and share our weather passion. We are also a diverse group—not only by traditional definitions of diversity but also by sector, education, training and geography. For us to achieve excellence in operational meteorology to benefit society, there is so much to learn and share. That’s what the NWA is for. 

NWA is what you want it to be, but that requires being involved by contributing experience, suggestions, time, muscle and money. We are a volunteer organization that benefits from an active membership with dedicated professionals in committees and in office, and a staff and executive director who keep the wheels turning. 

We’ll converge in STL (St. Louis, Missouri) for our 43rd annual meeting. It will be a little earlier than usual, beginning on August 25. Start planning now, especially if you are submitting an abstract. 

It’s always great to hear how colleagues handled a unique or extreme weather event or even a challenge in the workplace that influenced their product. Some weather scenarios and challenges require ingenuity or diverse methodologies. These are the things that make us stronger as professionals. Our August meeting will be full of diverse weather data analysis and forecasting techniques, along with how we foster workplace environments where all meteorologists feel valued. Don’t forget the users of our products—this meeting will account for their diversity too, whether they are a community, company, agency or individual. 

So, let me get this cliché out of the way now, “Meet me in St Louis…,” for the next in a series of great NWA gatherings. 

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