October President’s Message

Voting for Autumn

Alan Sealls
NWA President

Ahhh, autumn. Take a deep breath and take it all in. Depending upon where you are, you might still have dew points in the middle 70s with your focus on an easterly wave, or you might have started your day admiring frost on dry leaves in hues of orange, yellow or red. Hopefully you are not still inhaling smoke from distant wildfires.

As we prepare for the change of seasons, the National Weather Association prepares for a change in bylaws. Bylaws guide us in “Connecting Operational Meteorologists in Pursuit of Excellence in Weather Forecasting, Communication and Service.” The time to provide comments has ended, but you can still look at the existing and proposed bylaws, a two-page information sheet highlighting the proposed changes, and the proposed Certificate of Incorporation on the NWA website. NWA members have until October 25 to vote on the proposed bylaw changes and the new Certificate of Incorporation by paper ballot or online. Have you voted yet?

Heading toward winter, get ready to vote again. Ballots come out in early November for you to select your NWA leadership. Unlike for tomorrow’s weather, you do have a voice in how NWA changes or remains the same. Let’s keep on diversifying our membership and leadership with multiple talented, eager and passionate people to propel us forward.

While our annual meeting in Saint Louis was a big deal, it is not the end of my term and it doesn’t end the many projects before your Officers and Council. I pledge a cloud in every neighborhood; a breeze in every hamlet; and a raindrop in every rain gauge. Ask not what NWA can do for you but what you can do for NWA. For NWA, you can vote.

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