NWA #WebWed

NWA Webinar Wednesdays #NWAWebWed

The NWA hosts monthly webinars thanks to our dedicated volunteers who make up our Webinar Team and committees. If you haven't seen the NWA Webinar Wednesday series, check out all the various topics.

When live webinars are held, follow along or submit questions using #NWAWebWed.

The webinars are recorded, and most are posted on the NWA YouTube channel. Links to all recorded webinars, including some for member's only, are accessible through NWA Member Connect.

NWA Seal Holders can earn up to a total of 4 CEUs watching NWA webinars during their 3-year recertification period. Each webinar is worth 0.5 CEUs. Be sure to write a short paragraph about what you learned from each webinar to include in Seal Recertification documentation.

The NWA Webinar team is working on the 2019 webinars, so watch for announcements.

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