NWA 365 App is Now Live

The NWA all-year mobile app, titled "National Weather Association" in the Android and iPhone app stores, is now live! The app we use for our Annual Meeting is now extended to keep our members connected with NWA news year-round. Here's a list of features the app will include:

One-time sign-in for members

Sign in once and stay signed in through the app! Upon opening the app, you will see a "Login" menu tile, where you will sign in to access member resources. This is a convenience we wanted to introduce to our members who regularly sign into their profiles to check announcements, features and invoices.

Receive notifications

Through the app, members can now select which news and updates they would like to be notified by, including new JOM articles, webinars, job announcements and newsletters. To change your notification settings, select the menu and go to "Notification Settings" — from there, you can check the boxes of which announcements you would like to be notified with.

Social Feed

Did you miss our latest content on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube? The Social feed archives our latest posts and videos from our social media platforms, so you can stay connected.


For questions about the app, please contact us at nwahelp@nwas.org.


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