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Mission Statement:

To promote the development and implementation of improved analysis and forecasting techniques and methodologies to benefit operational hydrometeorology.

Committee Highlights from the 2017 NWA Annual Meeting

The WAF Committee had a very active 2017 Annual Meeting!

On Sunday evening, at the Student Conference, committee member Dr. Chad Gravelle led the 4th annual Master Class, with preparation assistance from Marc Singer in the months leading up to the meeting, and Dr. Chuck Graves provided both preparation and on-site technical assistance.  The focus of the Master Class this year was on QLCS tornadoes, and highlighted the three-ingredient method.  Committee members Chauncy Schultz and Jared Allen served as subject matter experts, and led students through an interactive exercise leading up to a QLCS tornado case in Texas.  Facilitators from the National Weather Service helped guide discussion and answer questions during collaboration times as the forecast process played out.  The setup provided students with valuable, hands-on learning environment and was a giant success!

The daily Weather Briefing at the Annual Meeting is presented by students Monday through Thursday.  The WAF Committee was successful in recruiting students from Penn State, Mississippi State, and the University of Florida to conduct the briefings.  Prior to arriving in Anaheim, students were able to participate in a weather briefing training conducted by committee member and WPC's Amanda Reinhart.  Committee members Jared Allen and Dr. Katie Vigil served as mentors to the students on-site and helped them construct their briefing.  Thursday's briefing was a first of its kind experience!  Students from the University of Florida provided the first ever remote weather briefing at an Annual Meeting, straight from their campus studio!

The committee also coordinated the student poster and presentation competition.  First and second place winners for both graduate students and undergraduate students were announced at the Wednesday Award Luncheon and will be featured on the NWA Foundation webpage.

Committee Members:

Committee Chair

Committee Members

  • Chuck Graves, Associate Professor at Saint Louis University, St. Louis, MO (2019)
  • Chad Gravelle, NWS OPG/CIMMS SSEC University of Wisconsin, Kansas City, MO (2019)
  • Dave Radell, Techniques Development Meteorologist at NOAA/NWS/Eastern Region Headquarters, Bohemia, NY (2019)
  • Peter Roohr, NOAA/NWS, Office of Science and Technology Integration (2019)
  • Chauncy Schultz, SOO at NOAA/NWS, Bismarck, ND (2019)
  • Jaclyn Shearer, Meteorologist at WSOC-TV in Charlotte, NC (ABC affiliate) (2019)
  • Matthew Beitscher - Masters Student at St. Louis University (2021)
  • Brett Borchardt - NWS Grand Rapids, MI (2021)
  • Jaret Rogers - NWS Phoenix, AZ (2021)
  • Dr. Chris Melick - USAF Meteorologist - Offutt AFB, NE (2021)
  • David Beachler - NWS Indianapolis, IN (2021)
  • Dr. Sarah Trojniak - Physical Scientist  at NWS Weather Prediction Center, silver Spring, MD. (2021)


Research to Operations Nexus (RON) Subcommittee:

  • RON Subcommittee Chair: Greg Stumpf, Senior Research Associate/Meteorologist at Univ. of Oklahoma / CIMMS and NWS-MDL, Norman, OK (2020)
  • Alyssa Bates, Research Associate II/Instructional Meteorologist at Univ. of Oklahoma/CIMMS/NWS Warning Decision Training Division, Norman, OK (2020)
  • Pam Heinselman, Research Meteorologist at NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory, Norman, OK (2020)
  • Fred Glass, NOAA/NWS, St. Louis, MO (2019)
  • Dan Nietfeld, NWS Global Systems Division, Boulder, CO (2021)
  • Randall Graham - NWS Central Regional SOO - Central Region Headquarters, Kansas City, MO.

Interested in joining the WAF Committee?  Be sure to indicate your interest in our committee by "checking the box" when joining the NWA or renewing your dues!  You can also log in to the Member Portal at any time and make this change.  Every Fall, we will go through this list and send you further information on applying for the committee.

Committee Functions

We participate in a number of projects to accomplish the mission of our committee.  Some recent examples include:

  • Master Class: Our committee organizes a Master Class during the student portion of the Annual Meeting, in which we gather subject matter experts and facilitators to lead small group discussions through an entire forecast process, from mid-range to short-term.  Past Master Classes have focused on severe weather, heavy rain, and winter weather.
  • Student Weather Briefing: Our committee serves as mentors to students for the Daily Weather Briefing at the Annual Meeting.
  • Publishing relevant material in the NWA Newsletter or Journal of Operational Meteorology.
  • Leading at least one NWA Webinar Wednesday every year.


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