Strategic Planning

Committee Mission Statement:

"Provide vision and focus to the National Weather Association through the development of long-range goals."

NWA Vision and Mission


Promoting excellence in operational meteorology to benefit society.


Connecting operational meteorologists in pursuit of excellence in weather forecasting, communication and service.


NWA Strategic Planning Committee Members:

  • Nezette Rydell, Chair
  • Jordan Gerth
  • Elizabeth Page
  • Paul Schlatter
  • Lans Rothfusz
  • Jose Garcia
  • Brian McClure

NWA Strategic Roadmap:

The strategic plan for the NWA focuses on three strategic goals:

  • Expand and enhance membership services
  • Grow and retain the NWA membership
  • Develop effective strategies to strengthen the long-term financial position of the NWA


Comments or questions on the NWA Vision and Strategic Plan can be sent to Nezette Rydell, Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee or to Janice Bunting, the NWA Executive Director.

Updated: March 10, 2014