Social Media

Our Committee's Mission:

The Social Media Committee enhances NWA communication by utilizing various social media outlets to promote and share NWA policy, guidance and new initiatives.

About Our Committee:

The NWA Social Media Committee was created in October 2011 and currently has 13 committee members. Our goal is to provide information to NWA members and the public about the operational weather community using various social media platforms. The Social Media Committee runs multiple social media platforms for the NWA - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapchatYouTube, LinkedIn and Periscope.

Social Media Goals:

  • Explore emerging advances of social media outlets
  • Engage members/committees/leadership to utilize social media
  • Facilitate real time interaction during the annual conferences
  • Leverage social media venues to increase membership
  • Promote Weather-Ready Nation through creative posting methods
  • Support local chapters
  • Support/promote other NWA committees using social media

If you have suggestions or requests for posts on any of the social media sites,
send our team an e-mail



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