Our Mission:

To promote diversity in the NWA, across the weather enterprise, and among operational meteorologists. To this end, the Committee shall strive to promote a high standard of professional and personal ethics in order to ensure inclusion for individuals, regardless of sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, gender orientation, and physical or mental disability.


Our Members

  • Jennifer Hogan (Co-Chair)
  • Faith Borden (Co-chair)
  • Matt Bolton (Student, Disability Subcommittee Chair)
  • Bryan Schuerman (LGBTQ Subcommittee Chair)
  • Alyssa Bates
  • Melissa DeSpigna
  • Elyse Hagner
  • Aisha Haynes
  • Denise Isaac
  • Vytas Reid
  • Alan Sealls
  • Marcus Walter

Training Portal and Diversity Resource List

General Resource List

U.S. Government Office of Personnel Management Disability Resources


Courses offered by the Autism Society of America
Autism Internet Modules created by the Educational Services Center of Central Ohio in conjunction with Ashland University

NWA Newsletter articles
A Prelude to ''Putting Science into Service''

Questions, comments, feedback, and concerns for the Diversity Committee should be directed to Jennifer Hogan.