Broadcast Meteorology Committee

Mission Statement

"Promote ethics and excellence in broadcast meteorology, through continuing education and professional development, and award the NWA Seal of Approval to those weathercasters who meet or exceed the standards of the National Weather Association."


NWA Broadcast Meteorology Committee:


Broadcast Meteorology Committee Chair:

  • Nate Johnson

Seal Committee Chair:

  • James Paul Dice

Digital Seal Evaluation Board members:

  • Bill Murray
  • Mike Mogil
  • Larry Rice
  • John Hart
  • Dr. Bohumi Svoma

Seal Recertification Chair:

  • Shawn Cable

Testing Chair:

  • Dr. Pat Market

Public Relations Chair:

  • Justin Chambers

Workshop Program Chair:

  • Mike Goldberg

Seal Evaluation Board members:

  • Benjamin E. Smith
  • Mike Rawlins
  • Ben Schott
  • Justin Chambers
  • James Paul Dice
  • Dr. Scott Rochette
  • Byron Morton
  • Tim Simpson
  • Morgan Palmer
  • Rob Haswell
  • Tammie Souza
  • Roland Steadham
  • Jose M Garcia Jr
  • Josh Rubenstein
  • Corey Christiansen
  • Spencer Adkins
  • Chris Tomer
  • Jennifer Zeppelin
  • Mike Witcher
  • Ken Waters
  • Jason Nicholas
  • Crystal Egger
  • Keith Stellman
  • John Toohey-Morales
  • Fidel ‘’Phil’’ Ferro

NWA TV/Radio Weathercaster Seal of Approval Logo


NWA Seal holders can find this logo in eps and tga formats for download in the member portal.

NWA Digital Seal of Approval Logo