NOAA Weather Radio Transformation Change Project: Building 

The National Weather Service is responsible for the dissemination of public alerts and warnings for all hazards. Since the mid-1950s NOAA Weather Radio has served as the primary, multi-mission program broadcasting official warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazard information 27/7 using broadcast Radio Frequency technology. Though NWR has been highly successful over the last six decades, it is outpaced by technological advancements in accuracy and targeting of other dissemination media. The NWS is utilizing a new Transformational Change process that will allow for the opportunity to engage with public and private partners across the Weather enterprise and use and integrate social science methods to design and develop a replacement system that will be capable of supporting multiple dissemination platforms. Enhancing or replacing the current network systems to provide users and stakeholders with enhancements such as geo-targeting, polygon threat area depiction, more granular information, and embedded text for assisted needs support to help us build a society that is prepared for and responds properly to weather-dependent events and risks. This presentation will give an overview of the project with particular focus on Phase 1 Stakeholder Engagement activities.