January Webinar

The NWA January Webinar will be held Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 2pm EST/1pm CST.

Title: Mentoring in the Atmospheric Sciences: Helping Others Win Too
NWA Professional Development Committee

Abstract: For the last six years, our combined efforts have helped guide numerous high school and undergraduate students (~30) interested in pursuing weather as a career. These students have come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some have come into our guidance from our work within the National Weather Camp Program (NWXCP), while others have presented themselves to us, seeking mentoring, as a result of interactions at NWA and AMS Annual Meetings. During this webinar, we will discuss mentoring in the atmospheric science community. This talk primarily seeks to share the various thoughts we have developed over the years regarding mentoring relationships (commonly referred to as mentorships). We will describe strategies for being strong mentors and mentees; these may subsequently serve as useful pieces of advice and guidance for those seeking to enter into either side of a mentorship, regardless of professional status. Many of our personal experiences will drive the discussion, which includes some of our thoughts and insights on communication as they relate to mentoring in the 21st century.  Overall, this presentation aims to inspire those within the atmospheric science community to take up the mantle of mentorship and foster the further personal and professional growth of their colleagues.

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