Dr. Joseph Schaefer

The National Weather Association extends our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Dr. Joseph Schaefer who passed away on November 14, 2019. Joe held the esteemed title as NWA President in 1998. He was an outstanding contributor to the science of meteorology during his career and in retirement.

Many have expressed their memories of Joe and stated that he was a life-long friend, mentor, coach, active NWA volunteer, life of the party, remarkable person, and the kind words go on. He would talk weather with anyone who approached him. He was a member of the NWA since 1985 and served on the NWA Awards Committee up until a few months ago. Joe's laugh, friendship, expertise, and enthusiasm will be missed. Rest in peace, Joe.

Dr. Joseph Schaefer Obituary
Joe Schaefer’s career
Some of Joe’s NWA President’s Messages are included here.

April 1998 NWA President's Message

August 1998 NWA President's Message

October 1998 NWA President's Message

December 1998 NWA President's Message

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