December Webinar Wednesday

The New Age of Networking: How to Use #WxTwitter and other Social Media to Build Your Professional Network

Wednesday December 12, 2018
2:30 pm EST (1:30 pm CST)

Panelists will be:

John Banghoff (NWS State College/PSU)
Becky DePodwin (AccuWeather)
Rick Smith (NWS Norman)
Morgan Barry (NWA Social Media Committee Chair/NWS Mobile)
Hannah Strong (NWA Social Media Committee/WDRB Louisville)
Courtney Obergfell (NWA Social Media Committee/NWS Seattle)

Watch the webinar here.

The panel above will be an excellent group with diverse perspectives on this topic, specifically how social media has changed the game of networking both in conferences but also everyday.

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