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Are you Prepared for Spring Weather?

Weather-Ready Nation Spring Weather Campaign It's time to SPRING into action by knowing your "safe place" when severe weather threatens. The National Weather Service Weather-Ready Nation website has lots of helpful information. Check-out all the resources.
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Let’s Get Low

Let's Get Low Alan Sealls, NWA President In my final message as National Weather Association President, I’ve got to go low. That’s low as in minimum daily temperature. We’re in the season when reaching 32 degrees is a big deal if the ground is wet or there is precipitation. A user of my TV station’s…
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NWA Amended and Restated Bylaws

The votes are in. The NWA Amended and Restated Bylaws and the Incorporation move from D.C. to Oklahoma both passed. Per a Council action, the Amended and Restated Bylaws have gone into effect. The Officers and Councilors now are Directors of the NWA, and they retained their positions and terms. What was the Council is…
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