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NWA 46th Annual Meeting

Tulsa, Oklahoma | 2021

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The NWA 46th Annual Meeting will be held at Hyatt Regency in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2021. The dates are August 21-26.

Hotel Information:

Hyatt Regency - 100 East Second Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103

NWA 45th Annual Meeting

Virtual Meeting | September 13-17, 2020

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We're sure you have a lot of questions about our virtual Annual Meeting. We address many questions in our Virtual Meeting FAQ page.

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Video Transcript:

Hello, everyone, and welcome to July's President's Message. I have some important and exciting news for our membership this month. Just recently, the NWA Board of Directors has taken up the topic of what to do about our upcoming annual meeting this fall. 

I'm happy to report that the board has decided to take our meeting completely virtual. This was a hard decision, but given where we are with COVID-19 and the uncertainties heading into the fall, we feel it is the right decision for the association. 

Many of you may be wondering, "What does an annual meeting look like in a virtual setting?" I realize that also many of you may be thinking to yourself, "I'm pretty much video teleconferenced out," given how often we've been working from home these days. What I can tell you is that two teams within the NWA are hard at work on these very issues.

Well, I can't give you or provide you details at this point. What I can say is some of the preliminary work done by these teams is very exciting. I think you will find that we are going to have a virtual meeting that is entertaining, relevant and important.

In the coming weeks, you're going to hear communications come out of NWA headquarters that provide some more details on this virtual meeting. For now, just understand that we are working hard to get those details nailed down and they will be coming soon. 

This virtual annual meeting provides us many opportunities that we wouldn't normally have with an in-person meeting. I'm kind of excited at the prospect of being able to reach more membership than we would if we were to just have a physical in-person meeting. 

And so I would encourage everybody in the association to spread the word, let everybody know that this conference or annual meeting is going to be virtual, and stay tuned for more information as it's released. I hope you all are well and we'll talk to you soon at the next President's Message. Take care.

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Past Annual Meetings

The 40th Anniversary Annual Meeting was held at the Cox Convention Center in downtown Oklahoma City, and the Renaissance Oklahoma City Convention Center Hotel. There were 674 attendees.

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