Annual Meeting

NWA 43rd Annual Meeting

St. Louis, MO  |  August 25-30, 2018

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Connecting Operational Meteorologists in Pursuit of Excellence in Weather Forecasting, Communication and Service


  • 43rd NWA Annual Meeting Venue and Hotel: Marriott St. Louis Grand,                             800 Washington Ave., St. Louis, MO 63101

Meeting Theme

"Diversity in People, Models, and Methods"

In operational meteorology, it is generally accepted that ensembles of NWP models give superior forecasts over a single model. Models have biases and models make errors. No one model is always “right” but multiple models addressing the same scenario are often more correct together.

It’s the diversity of model “perspective” in resolution, time steps, data sets, and equations that gives value to ensembles.

Similarly, diversity of people-perspectives enriches individuals, creates a nimble group, and results in stronger product regardless of industry. It’s diversity in the traditional sense of race, religion, gender, sexual preference, age, ability, custom, and language, but it’s also diversity in education, training, sector, and geographic region.

In our NWA mission of connecting operational meteorologists in pursuit of excellence in weather forecasting, communication and service, we’ll convene in Saint Louis to share diverse methodologies. From weather and data analysis and forecasting techniques, to fostering workplace environments where all meteorologists feel valued, to accounting for the diversity of those who use the products we communicate to them whether they are a community, company, agency, or individual.

As we embrace diversity within meteorology and focus on the diversity of the users, we promote excellence in operational meteorology to benefit society.

Important Dates

  • Abstract Submission Deadline: 1 March 2018
  • Oral and Poster Presenters Notified: mid-April 2018
  • Preliminary Agenda Posted On-line: early Summer 2018
  • 2018 NWA Annual Meeting: 25-30 August 2018

Schedule of Events

  • Broadcast Meteorology Workshop: Sunday, 26 August
  • Student Session including Speed Mentoring: Sunday, 26 August
  • General Sessions: Monday-Thursday, 27-30 August
  • NWA Annual Awards Luncheon: Wednesday, 29 August

The Annual Meeting Program Committee Co-Chairs are:

Bryan Karrick
Orlando, FL

Keith Stellman
Peachtree City, GA

The Broadcaster Workshop Program Co-Chair is:

Mike Goldberg
Richmond, VA

Additional Information

For more information on exhibits, special accommodations, registration and the overall meeting program, keep checking the 2018 Annual Meeting Page and its links, or contact the NWA office at 405-701-5167 or

NWA will provide updates on this Web page, on the NWA Facebook Page, Twitter and other social media. Please use the hashtag #NWAS18 for any tweets associated with the 2018 Annual Meeting.

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