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Exploring the Human Side of Meteorology: A Brief Report on the Psychology of Meteorologists

Links between autism spectrum conditions and scientific aptitude were first investigated twenty years ago. Since then, associations between autism and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) aptitude have been established and discussed via the empathizing-systemizing (E-S) theory. E-S theory hypothesizes that autistic individuals are naturally driven to create and analyze sets of logical rules, or…
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A Preliminary Look at Using Rainfall Average Recurrence Interval to Characterize Flash Flood Events for Real-time Warning Forecasting

Characterization of flash flood severity in real-time has been highlighted by National Weather Service (NWS) service assessments for almost two decades. Current flash flood warning techniques provide limited guidance on determining potential severity of flood impacts. Recent software updates allowing for the estimation of rainfall average recurrence intervals (ARIs) in real-time help improve the nowcasting…
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