August President’s Message

A Bylaws Watch Has Been Issued
Alan Sealls, NWA President

We are in the forecast cone. New Bylaws for the National Weather Association are not far offshore, and they are approaching fast. Conditions are favorable for the further development of a robust NWA. Stay alert. Like a long-anticipated Drake album, our new Bylaws will "drop” soon for your review.

Look for the Special Bylaws Statement when it is posted online. Don’t panic. You'll have 30 days to comment and ask questions, then members will vote on the new bylaws. Have a plan to be an active participant in our future. If caught in a flood of work, turn around, don’t frown, sit down. Seek a higher plane to clear your mind.

When Bylaws strike, go to an interior room away from outside walls and windows and distractions. Get comfortable and read them. The first thing you will notice: the National Weather Association is moving.

NWA is moving—from Washington, D.C., to Oklahoma. “What?” you ask, “I thought we already were in Norman.” Yes, our headquarters is in Norman, but our location of Incorporation remains as it was set in 1975, in Washington, D.C. Operating headquarters do not have to be geographically the same as corporate headquarters, but ours soon will be. That’s just one simple change your NWA Council approved to make us more efficient.

NWA is moving—forward. In the new Bylaws, the overall structure of our organization will be very similar to what it has been with slight changes in position titles and how elections take place. Term limits are slightly adjusted. You’ll see a summary of changes when the Bylaws are posted.

NWA is moving—to strengthen our financial base, to put us on stronger footing, to grow and diversify membership, and to reduce legal exposure.

Like a symphony, your Council and Staff has performed several movements (no snickering). Of note, and not to toot our own horn, we’ve been instrumental in moving to a strong crescendo at our annual meeting with a meeting app for the very first time.

NWA is moving—because a body at rest stays at rest. We are a body in motion, charting a strategic course to keep us aligned with the stars, with calm seas and a light tailwind. Come see what this is all about in St. Louis for our annual meeting.

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