2017 Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2017 Award Winners, who were recognized at the NWA Annual Meeting in September!

Member of the Year Award:
Trevor Boucher

For excellence in leadership and innovation with the NWA's social media programs.

Special Appreciation Award:
Bill Murray

For outstanding contributions and leadership in the planning and success of the 2016 WeatherReady Fest.

Special Achievement Award:
Trisha Palmer

For exceptional work in planning and conducting interesting and informative webinars as part of the NWA Webinar Series.

Special Achievement Award:
The NWA Webinar Team

For exceptional work in planning and conducting interesting and informative webinars as part of the NWA Webinar Series.

Special Lifetime Achievement Award:
Stephen Corfidi

For his commitment to public service, unmatched record of operational meteorology research, advancement of convective forecasting through research, mentoring and leadership.

Special Lifetime Achievement Award:
Joel N. Myers
AccuWeather, Inc.

For his pioneering work, innovations, and leadership as the founder and president of AccuWeather.

Special Lifetime Achievement Award:
Steven J. Weiss
NOAA-NWS Storm Prediction Center

For contributions to operational meteorology, specifically forecasts of severe convective storms, that includes science-centered leadership within forecast operations, mentorship of students and young scientists, and supreme dedication to the transition of scientific research to forecast operations, that have advanced our enterprise and helped protect society.

Operational Achievement Individual Award :
Elliot Abrams

For his pioneering work in radio broadcasting and his long-term contributions to operational meteorology over the past 50 years.

Operational Achievement Group Award :
National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office
Las Vegas, NV

For outstanding impact-based decision support services in support of historic flash flooding due to remnants of Tropical Storm Norbert 2015.

T. Theodore Fujita Research Achievement Award :
Richard Thompson

For over two decades of severe storms forecasting, prolific scientific publication, devoted
mentorship, education, and development of operational forecasting techniques used

Walter J. Bennett Public Service Award :
City of Austin Watershed Department
Represented by Matthew Porcher

For exceptional efforts in outreach, education, and dissemination of life-saving flood
information to the Greater Austin Area.

Public Education Award :
Jennifer M. Saari
National Weather Service Forecast Office Hunstville

For recognizing the unfulfilled and unique needs for the deaf & hard of hearing community, including the development of a more suitable lightning awareness campaign.

Broadcaster of the Year Award :
Travis Herzog
KTRK-TV, Houston TX

For exemplary service by helping to save lives and prevent significant property loss from
flash flooding through clear communication, ongoing education efforts and working
collaboratively with the weather enterprise as a whole.

Aviation Meteorology Award :
Judy E. Ghirardelli

For over 20 years of extremely dedicated and expert leadership of the MDL LAMP team.

Local Chapter Award :
NWA/AMS Alpha Theta Chapter, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ.

For representing the NWA with continued support of weather safety, education and outreach to east central Florida.

The Larry R. Johnson Special Award :
National Weather Service Operations Proving Ground

For creating a realistic operational environment to evaluate new science and technology in
order to improve forecaster decisions; and for delivering innovative training that emphasizes collaborative learning.

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