The NWA Phillips Family Undergraduate Scholarship for Meteorology


Thanks to a generous donation from the Phillips Family, the National Weather Association is pleased to offer this scholarship.

Offering: One scholarship per year of $1000.  The NWA may ask the winner of the Phillips Scholarship to present research work at a local or annual NWA meeting; the NWA may provide additional funding for required travel and accommodations for such a presentation.

Administration: The scholarship selection is administered by the NWA Education Committee. The NWA office announces the call for applications for this scholarship in mid summer each year.  Applications must be completed by November 10, 2016 via the link below.  The scholarship designee is notified in mid-December.

Eligibility: Undergraduate students only. Currently enrolled freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors entering their final semester next Spring are eligible. (Note, graduate students are not eligible for this scholarship) While students are encouraged to apply for multiple NWA scholarships, the NWA will not award a student multiple scholarships in any given academic year. US citizens, or students with residence status (F1 or J1 visa), attending a US accredited college or university is required. Award

Criteria: The scholarship is awarded based on:

  1. Academic achievement/merit (transcripts) - (Student/on-line copies acceptable)
  2. Financial Need
  3. Two Recommendations (one from a current or former meteorology professor, and one other)
  4. Essay explaining why the applicant is applying for the Phillips Scholarship.

Logistics: Scholarship money will be transferred following the financial guidelines of the college or university involved. If there aren't any financial guidelines from the school, NWA will make the $1,000 check payable to both the student and the education institution at the beginning of the Spring semester.

About the Phillips Family Scholarship The NWA Phillips Family Undergraduate Scholarship for Meteorology is offered by Ryan Phillips of Hollywood, FL.  It is supported by Patricia Phillips of Zanesville, OH. Ryan is currently a broadcast meteorologist at WTVJ in Miami, FL and has been a member of the National Weather Association since 1997.  He has held the Association’s Seal of Approval since 2002.  He is an Ohio native and a graduate of Ohio University with a B.S. Degree in Geography / Meteorology.  Ryan has worked for KHGI-TV in Kearney, NE and WZVN-TV in Ft. Myers/Naples, FL over the past decade. Ryan is a supporter of Shih Tzu Rescue and the Humane Society of Greater Miami, where he serves as a volunteer in their public outreach efforts. This scholarship was created out of the desire to give direct assistance to a focused and aspiring meteorologist completing his or her undergraduate degree.  It is also offered in honor of the late Patrick R. Phillips (1947-2007) who, as an avid outdoorsman, gave Ryan his first lessons in weather.

Application Process: The application process is completed on-line via the link above. Student copies of transcripts are acceptable.  Recommendations are completed on-line as well. SmarterSelect will send an e-mail to to those you select to provide recommendation with instructions on how to submit their recommendation of you.

Applicants should check with the individuals that are providing recommendations that they have indeed submitted on your behalf.

Incomplete applications including lack of recommendations or illegible copies of transcripts will result in the NWA's inability to evaluate your application.

Please contact the NWA office if you have questions.  Telephone 405-701-5167, or via e-mail: