The Dr. Roderick A. Scofield Scholarship in Meteorology

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NOTE: This Scholarship is currently CLOSED for Applications.

Thanks to a generous donation from Mrs. Joyce Scofield and other family members of the late Dr. Roderick A. Scofield (1942-2006), a college scholarship opportunity is available annually to an aspiring meteorologist.

Offering: One scholarship per year in the amount of $1000. The NWA may ask the winner of the Dr. Roderick A. Scofield Scholarship to present research work at a local or annual NWA meeting; the NWA may provide additional funding for required travel and accommodations for such a presentation.

Administration: The scholarship selection is administered by the NWA Education Committee. The NWA office announces the call for applications in late winter each year, applications close in mid May and the scholarship designee is notified in late-June.

Eligibility: Any undergraduate (going into their junior year or higher in the fall) or graduate student that is majoring in meteorology (or related field) may apply. If the undergraduate student is classified as a senior they must either have one more fall (Sep. - Dec.) semester to complete after the scholarship is awarded, or they must document that they have been accepted into graduate school.

Award Criteria: The scholarship is awarded based on:

a) Academic achievement/merit (transcripts).
b) Two letters of recommendation (at least one from a current or former meteorology professor), and
c) A one page statement explaining why the applicant is applying for the Dr. Roderick A. Scofield Scholarship

Logistics: Scholarship money will be transferred following the financial guidelines of the college or university involved. If there aren't any financial guidelines from the school, NWA will make the $1,000 check payable to both the student and the education institution at the beginning of the September - December semester or quarter.

Note that past recipients of the Dr. Roderick Arthur Scofield Scholarship in Meteorology are ineligible.  While students are encourage to apply for multiple NWA scholarships, the NWA will not award a student multiple scholarships in any given academic year.

About Dr. Roderick Scofield: Dr. Roderick Arthur Scofield was a charter member of the NWA, who rose to be elected its president for the year 2000, was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1942. In November 2005, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died at his home in Pomfret, Maryland on 25 February 2006.

He obtained a B.S. Degree in Physics from the University of Louisville in 1964. He earned an M.S. in Meteorology from Saint Louis University in 1969 and a Ph.D. from the same institution in 1973. He joined NOAA and spent one year at the NWS Techniques Development Laboratory (now called the Meteorological Development Lab), one year in the NWS National Meteorological Center Development Division (hurricane modeling) (now called the Environmental Modeling Center (EMC) of the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)), and 30 years in the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS), Office of Research and Applications (ORA) in Camp Springs, Maryland. He received several outstanding performance awards for his efforts in developing satellite analysis and forecasting techniques for flash floods, heavy precipitation, and Quantitative Precipitation Estimation (QPE), Forecasting (QPF) and Nowcasting (QPN). He presented many seminars and conducted workshops in NWS forecast offices, at the Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology, Education and Training (COMET) (Boulder, CO), the Virtual Institute for Satellite Integration Training (VISIT) (Fort Collins, CO), the NWS Technical Training Center in Kansas City, the Operational Support Facility (in Norman, OK), at many Universities around the country and at NWA and AMS meetings. He also taught at the Satellite Education Conference at West Chester, PA, and in the AMS/NOAA DataStreme Atmosphere, Water in the Earth System, and Ocean Science Education programs.

In 1984, he was named a NWS Visiting Professor of Satellite Meteorology. He was also an associate editor of the Monthly Weather Review. In November 1985, he was a member of a U.S. delegation to attend a technical exchange conference in Wuhan, Chinaon flash flood forecasting techniques. He also made professional visits, presented seminars and conducted workshops in: Brazil, Taiwan, Venezuela, England, Puerto Rico, Canada, Italy, Spain,Egypt, the People's Republic of China, India, and Peru. In November 1986, he received the National Weather Association (NWA) annual research achievement award for outstanding contributions to operational meteorology through continuing research. In June 1989, he received a NOAA Bronze Medal for outstanding research and leadership in the application of meteorological satellite data to the improvement of heavy precipitation and flash flood forecasts. In May 1992, he received a Medal from the Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan for his outstanding leadership in the applications of satellite data for flash flood forecasting over Southeast Asia. Rod was also a great supporter of Professional Associations. He participated actively in: Sigma Xi (a science honorary), National Weather Association (NWA), American Meteorological Society (AMS), and the American Geophysical Union (AGU). He was a Councilor in the NWA from 1995-1996. He received the 1999 AMS Francis W. Reichelderfer Award, the 1999 U.S. Department of Commerce Gold Medal for research and leadership in the use of satellite data in Flash Flood Forecasting, the 1999 NOAA Group Bronze Medal for presenting workshops on flash flood forecasting at NWS Training Centers and was President of the NWA for the year 2000 (the NWA's 25th anniversary year). Rod also received the University of Louisville Arts & Sciences Alumni Fellow Award for 2000. In 2001, he was elected an AMS Fellow and received a NOAA Group Bronze Medal for operational implementation of an automatic satellite precipitation algorithm for predicting flash floods. He has written over 175 papers that include journal articles, conference proceedings, tech memorandums, notes and reports, and he contributed to chapters in text books. His teaching will continue for years to come as aspiring meteorologists read his many reports. NWA members attending Rod's funeral also learned of the many great works he performed in his local community and at Saint Paul's Episcopal Church in Waldorf, Maryland. Rod is survived by his wife of 41 years, Joyce Wiedmar Scofield of Pomfret; three children: Michelle Eileen Preil of Louisville, Matthew Roderick Scofield of Churchton and Brett Edward Scofield of Bowling Green, Kentucky, two daughters-in-law: Stacey and Kellie, and two grandchildren: Julianna and Ethan.

At the NWA 31st Annual Meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, a special session was scheduled in tribute to Rod Scofield and a NWA Special Lifetime Achievement Award for Rod was presented posthumously and accepted by Mrs. Joyce Scofield.

Rod Scofield's teaching and influence will continue for years to come as aspiring meteorologists read his many research reports. His passion for observing, analyzing, learning and sharing knowledge of the atmosphere with all concerned will long be remembered by his many colleagues. His superb efforts in providing teachers with continuing education and inspiring college students will continue through this scholarship offering.

Application Process: The application process is completed on-line via the link below. Student copies of transcripts are acceptable.  Recommendations are completed on-line as well. Scholar Select will send an e-mail to to those you select to provide recommendation with instructions on how to submit their recommendation of you. Applicants should check with the individuals that are providing recommendations that they have indeed submitted on your behalf.

Incomplete applications including lack of recommendations or legible copies of transcripts will result in the NWA's inability to evaluate your application.

Please contact the NWA office if you have questions. Telephone 405-701-5167


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