Membership & Marketing

Mission Statement:

"Promote the National Weather Association and increase its membership."

Committee Members

The committee saw a lot of re-organization to start 2016. Co-Chairs Bruce Jones and Cathy Zapotocny welcomed new members and would still like to add a couple more members, especially from the military and government sectors.


Committee Goals

  • Retain members and encourage renewals
  • Facilitate website improvements
  • Plan, organize, and execute a Local Chapter Breakfast at the Norfolk Annual Meeting
  • Provide resources and encourage growth of Local Chapters
  • Support Norfolk Annual Meeting-Procure SWAG and SM messaging
  • Provide Local Chapters with a speaker’s bureau. Speakers that are willing to talk about a particular subject.


Current Activities

Membership Retention

Each month, Michael Page and the M&M committee reviews reports that show which memberships have lapsed. Committee members personally call, e-mail, and message members to determine if a reminder was lost, what the status of the member is, or if there are any ways the NWA can improve their service to members.

Local Chapters

Cathy Zapotocny made a thorough review of all Local Chapters point of contacts, web pages, FB pages and Twitter accounts this spring. Michael Page updated the Local Chapters web page with all of these updates.

Recently, a mini-task force was assembled led by Janice Bunting and included Alan Gerard, Cathy Zapotocny and Randy Graham. A Google form was created where local chapters provided information that would help the Executive Committee and the NWA Council decisions on improving the Local Chapter application and reporting process.

Local Chapters Breakfast

A Local Chapters Breakfast at the Annual Meeting in Norfolk, VA is planned with the guidance of Ashely Athey and Michael Page.

Facebook Group

The NWA M&M Committee added a Local Chapters Facebook closed group. Ashely Athey created the Facebook group and with the assistance of Trevor Boucher from the Social Media Committee and feedback from other M&M committee members, the closed group is active.

Facebook Group

Matt Alto, Ashely Athey and Michael Page are all contributing to social media messaging.

Targeted Conferences

Co-Chair Bruce Jones represented the NWA M&M Committee at this year’s Central Iowa Severe Storms & Doppler Radar Conference in March.

Students and Universities

Cathy Zapotocny sends out reminders to students and universities. The 2016 Annual Meeting in Norfolk, Virginia was advertised, local conferences were listed, and NWA scholarship opportunities were announced. The university contacts are updated with changes in personnel as needed.


Bruce Jones and Cathy Zapotocny provided the NWA with a list of SWAG items for the 2016 Annual Meeting.

Contact the Membership and Marketing Committee here.