Reanalysis of the 1989 Huntsville Alabama Tornado
Coyne, Michael ; López, Suheily J

On 15 November 1989, a devastating F4 tornado struck the southern sections of Huntsville. This tornado, which reached a maximum width of nearly one mile, struck a densely populated area of the city killing 21 people while producing a damage path of 18.5 miles. In the 20 years since the event, the city has rebuilt and expanded the development in the area where the tornado occurred.

The National Weather Service in Huntsville recently obtained aerial photographs of the tornado damage from 1989 in digital format. Using GIS software, the damage path of the tornado will be reexamined to compare the damage ratings in the older Fujita Scale to today s Enhanced Fujita Scale. Using this information, this study will explore what the storm survey process and damage estimates would be like if a similar event occurred today.