Incorporating NASA SPoRT and Other Alternative Data Sets into an Operational AWIPS II Environment
Carcione, Brian C; Burks, Jason ; White, Kristopher D; Smith, Matthew ; McGrath, Kevin

6th Author: Geoffrey T. Stano, NASA SPoRT/ENSCO, Huntsville, AL

The NASA Short-term Prediction Research and Transition (SPoRT) Center and National Weather Service (NWS) office in Huntsville, Alabama, have been collaborating to provide NASA and GOES-R Proving Ground data for ingest and display by AWIPS II, the next-generation weather forecasting, display and analysis package being developed by the National Weather Service. The SPoRT Center has been providing such data to a number of NWS Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs) since 2003, but the previous version of the AWIPS software required numerous compromises and workarounds. The experience with AWIPS II has shown it offers much more flexibility, not just in terms of ingesting data, but also in displaying the data and imagery in unique and inventive ways. The initial focus of the current collaboration has been on maintaining the existing functionality, but future work will leverage more of the potential of AWIPS II.

Earlier this year, AWIPS II entered operational field testing and evaluation at several NWS offices, including WFOs Houston (Texas) and Huntsville (Alabama). Both offices have a long history of collaborating with SPoRT, offering the chance to test both the baseline AWIPS II and the SPoRT plug-ins in an operational environment. This presentation will discuss the progress of these efforts, and address both the benefits and challenges of implementing the plug-ins on operational AWIPS II systems. Operational examples showing how the SPoRT data can be used within AWIPS II will also be provided.