Radar Observations of a Rare "Triple" Three-Body Scatter Spike

Phillip G. Kurimski
NOAA/National Weather Service
Weather Forecast Office
Detroit/Pontiac, Michigan


     On 1 July 2006, several supercell thunderstorms produced significant hail during the late afternoon and evening across northeast Wisconsin. The hail storms were responsible for over 10.3 million dollars of damage. The most intense storm produced hail up to 4 in. in diameter that damaged over 100 cars and numerous homes in Oconto County, Wisconsin. This storm exhibited a rare, triple three-body scatter spike (TBSS) and a very long, impressive 51 mile TBSS. This paper will diagnose the structure and character of the hail cores responsible for the multiple TBSS using several different tools, illustrating that TBSS are 3-D features that are not confined to a single elevation slice. In addition, the paper will connect the unusually large scattering angle associated with the 51 mile long TBSS to the increased scattered energy responsible for the long TBSS.

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