Annual Meeting Events

Annual Meeting Events

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WeatherReady Fest - Saturday, September 16
Scholarship Golf Outing - Saturday, September 16
Ninth Annual Student Session - Sunday, September 17
Broadcast Reel Swap - Sunday, September 17
#WxTwitter Mixer - Sunday, September 17
Research Operations Nexus (RON)- Monday, September 18
Broadcaster Dinner - Monday, September 18
Supporting Women in Atmospheric Sciences Luncheon - Tuesday, September 19
AMWRO-LGBT Mixer - Tuesday, September 19
Local Chapters Ice Breaker - Tuesday, September 19

NWAF WeatherReady Fest
Saturday, September 16

An event organized by the National Weather Association Foundation.
Learn more here.

The National Weather Association Foundation WeatherReady Fest will take place at the Discovery Cube OC in Santa Ana, California, on Saturday, September 16, 2017 from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM. You must purchase admission to the Discovery Cube in order to attend WeatherReady Fest. Standard admission and parking fees apply.

Scholarship Golf Outing
Saturday, September 16

Join us for the NWAF annual Scholarship Golf Outing!
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Ninth Annual Student Session (and Early Career Professionals)
Sunday, September 17 (afternoon/evening)

  • Speed Mentoring:  Calling all early career professionals and students!
    Meteorologists from across the public, private and academic sectors, to include forecasters, broadcasters, teachers and private sector practitioners, will be sharing their unique career stories to help guide you to a professionally satisfying and personally fulfilling career. Take part in the sharing and learn about helpful resources, tips and opportunities to consider, such as jobs, upcoming meetings and professional development events. Food and beverages will follow the event so that you can continue the conversations!
    ** If you are interested in volunteering as a speed mentor, please contact Trisha Palmer directly:
  • Weather Analysis and Forecasting Master Class: The 4th Annual Weather Analysis and Forecasting Master Class, sponsored by the Weather Analysis and Forecasting Committee, will provide students with an opportunity to interact with National Weather Service meteorologists while gaining a better understanding of forecasting high-impact weather events.
    ** Maximum of 60 participants
  • Student DVD Critique: This interactive session offers students an opportunity to receive feedback and advice from established professionals. A panel of broadcasters will work with students in small groups, reviewing their on-camera work and discussing the television business. Student meteorologists will have the chance to ask questions about all angles of broadcasting. Participants should bring a DVD or thumb drive with sample weathercasts, OR provide an Internet link to their work. You do not have to bring a sample of your work to participate in discussions.
  • Communicating Effectively - 2017 Style: This writing session will be held concurrently with the Weather Analysis and Forecasting Master Class. Attendees will choose which session they attend. For more information, please contact Mike Mogil:

Broadcast Reel Swap
Sunday, September 17

The Swap is an opportunity for broadcasters of all experience levels to show off their stuff to an audience of peers. From recent graduates in first jobs, to seasoned professionals, each broadcaster presents one weathercast for all to watch and critique. Young meteorologists will receive sage advice, mid-career meteorologists will be seen for their advancement value, and old-timers will show how it's done! This is also a good opportunity for all to see new and compelling ways to present the weather from broadcasters across the country.

To participate, simply provide the moderator with an Internet link to your weathercast video file. Thumb drives may also be submitted. No other media types are permitted.

#WxTwitter Mixer
Sunday, September 17 (evening)

An evening social event in which participants can network with fellow social media (primarily Twitter, but not exclusively) meteorologist colleagues. Share your social media handles and contact info!

** This event will be held off-site

2017 Research Operations Nexus (RON) Meetup
Honoring the Legacy of Ronald W. Przybylinski
When: Monday, September 18 (evening)

One of the many legacies that Ron Przybylinski left us was his unending motivation to interconnect weather operations and research in strong and enduring ways. Ron was a master in the transition zone, or nexus, of operations and research, and the research interactions with Ron actually led to large field projects that provided great benefit both to operations and the general knowledge.

For this third year of the event, the NWA Meeting will provide the opportunity for an interactive Meetup between research and operational meteorologists. The goal is simple: To plant and water the seeds of collaboration between folks from the two groups, which we hope will germinate during the meeting week and blossom beyond the conference itself. 

Broadcaster Dinner
Monday, September 18 - 7:00pm, La Casa Garcia (531 W. Chapman Ave.)

An evening of food, fun, and networking with fellow broadcast meteorologists and weather casters from across the country!

Supporting Women in Atmospheric Sciences Luncheon
When: Tuesday, September 19 (lunch)

Join us for a lively discussion on topics that impact both women and men in the workplace as well as in the home. Past topics have included: handling stereotypes, balancing family with work, breastfeeding while working, and how men and women communicate differently (just to name a few). This is more than a mentoring lunch and open to both men and women. An open mind and supportive attitude is all that is required.

AMWRO-LGBT 2017 Annual Mixer
Tuesday, September 19 (evening)

The goal of the National Weather Association is continuing to support the diverse community we have through our field of Meteorology. This is a networking mixer session for the LGBT Membership of the National Weather Association, and those that support the LGBT community. There was a great turnout for the first event in Norfolk, and we would like to capitalize on this for 2017. Members will have the opportunity to network with each other, share ideas and meet & greet with others from across the country.

Local Chapters Ice Breaker
Tuesday, September 19 (evening)

An opportunity to support Local Chapters and their officers, recognize the value and impact of Local Chapter activities, and share of ideas, issues and best practices.

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